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viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2016

HP CEO Meg Whitman will get a monstrous payout if she's ever fired

Meg Whitman is one of the most generously compensated CEOs compared to most of her peers, according to a new report from UBS analyst Steven Milunovich.

She's especially paid better than one of her direct competitors, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty.

"In considering CEO compensation relative to market cap, the heads of Nimble, 3D Systems, and HP are better paid while IBM's Rometty is underpaid albeit following a couple difficult years," Milunovich wrote.

One of the things making Whitman's compensation package so sweet: a huge golden parachute.

Whitman would get nearly $91 million if HP gets acquired – more than double her peers  – and $51 million if she's forced out (not fired for cause) – again, nearly double.

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